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More than 20 years in HVAC Installation, Sales and Service, Scecializing in Multi-Family

HR Mechanical is a company located in Houston, Texas. It has always been our goal to offer a greater level of service to the people of Texas, with a sense of efficiency and extensive reliability. We started by building up a massive list of industry contacts that we could draw upon to get the finest HVAC systems on the market. After we built up our industry contacts and discovered some of the best products with the best weren't keys for customers, we work to develop high-quality training programs for each one of our installers and repair specialists.

We have some of the best HVAC engineers and technicians for installation and repair services in Houston Texas. We have hand selected every member of our staff and we have a rigorous training program to make sure that every installer and repair technician can offer a better level of service to our customers. Our staff members have worked together as a team to be instrumental in the success of HVAC systems for residential complexes, housing complexes and more within the greater Houston Texas area.


Our Vision

In the future, it is our hope to continue making an impact within this community of Houston Texas. We can commonly be found at local events and working throughout trade shows in the state of Texas to showcase the quality of our business and to meet with members of the community. We hope to become even greater members of this community and to be recognized as the number one commercial AC and heating system installers in the greater Houston Texas area. We will continue to expand our staff and keep recognizing the newest innovations in HVAC technology so that we can keep building up an inventory of products that can be beneficial to our customers.

Our Values

As a team of commercial HVAC installers, efficiency and quality go hand-in-hand in everything that we do. We want to make sure that our technicians are on site with everything that they need to complete a job with precision. We also want to ensure that any of our installations are performed with quality and with the manufacturers' warranty in mind. We use all the recommended parts for repair and replacement as well as the proper techniques for installation.

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